Health, Zen & Retreats

Health, Zen & Retreats

Health and wellbeing is a very personal journey and takes many forms when it comes to combining it with travel. Certain destinations lend themselves very well to spiritual enlightenment, such as Bhutan, India and Sri Lanka. Other places simply offer incredible facilities and a whole team of specilaists, as in Switzerland, Austria and Spain.

For fitness, there are numerous possibilities from bootcamps to adventure activity holidays. In the UK, there are some superb options for a weekend rejuvenation to boost your spirits when time in short but one thing is for sure, everyone should take time out to experience a total switch off from the pressures of the modern world at some point.

We work with some of the finest wellness retreats in the world and whether you wish to just enjoy a holiday where you have access to an excellent spa or have specific requirements for wellbeing, fitness, weight loss, relaxation or recovery we will find the perfect option for you. 

Why not gather a group of friends and we will design a private retreat especially for you?


Listed below are a range of beautiful properties that are all suitable for a relaxing retreat:

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