Often called The Land of a Thousand Hills, Rwanda's spectacular national parks are home to a wide variety of rare animals while its temperate climate provides a landscape just bursting with flora and fauna and steeply terraced slopes. Its natural beauty is literally stunning. 

Gorilla tracking in Rwanda is often described as “life changing” as with only an estimated 880 Gorillas left in the world, to see these gentle creatures in their natural habitat is an unbelievabley unique moment. You can trek in The Virunga Mountains to see them and and then stay with them for one awe-inspiring hour, often crouching only a few feet away, whilst the gorillas go about their daily business.

After your incredible gorilla experience you can safari in the Akagera National Park or the Nyungwe National Park.

  • Spot chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest

    Nyungwe is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in Rwanda. Here you can walk through ancient rainforests which are home to butterflies, chameleons, colourful orchids and an abundant array of unique birdlife.

    Nyungwe is the perfect place to watch chimpanzees in their natural habitat with an expert tracker, plus you can search for Colobus monkeys, including the L'Hoest's monkey.

    Experience the rainforest on the famous Canopy Walkway, which hangs 60 metres above the forest floor, giving you a stunning view of the flora and fauna.

  • Take a boat safari in Akagera National Park

    Akagera national park is the largest protected wetland in Africa
    and has one of the biggest concentrations of hippos in East Africa, along with many water birds. If you're very lucky you might even spot a shoebill stork.

    On your boat safari you might also have the opportunity of watching elephant coming down to the water to drink and bath. You can even try your hand at some fishing!

    As well as game drives during the day, night drives are also available, where you might spot lions, leopards, serval cats, civets, as well as the large eyed bush babies.



  • Hike to see the Mountain Gorillas

    The “Parc National de Volcans” is one of Rwanda's conservation epicenters and lies along the Virunga Mountains. Here you can track the endangered mountain gorillas on the slopes of the Virunga volcanoes, which is a thrilling experience. These incredible creatures live alongside the charming but elusive Golden Monkeys in the bamboo forests.

    You can also pay homage to the gorilla advocate Dian Fossey and visit the tomb which is a beautiful hike up on the slopes of Mount Bisoke. 

    Enjoy the stunning views of volcanic lakes and misty mountains and visit the rural villages, taking in a local market or watch the traditional Intore dancing.

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The best time to visit Rwanda for a gorilla trek is during the short dry season from mid-December to early February or over the long dry season months of June to September. Read More

The best time to visit Rwanda for a gorilla trek is during the short dry season from mid-December to early February or over the long dry season months of June to September. Trekking during these months is far easier than in the rains and the risk of malaria is at its lowest. Trekking outside these optimum times of year is possible but much much muddier so walking becomes hard work.

In contrast, the best time to go chimpanzee trekking is during the two rainy seasons (February to June and September to December) as the apes are easier to locate. Food is much more difficult to source in the dry season meaning chimp families will often travel deep into the forest to seek sustenance.

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What's On

Every Month (last Saturday) Umuganda (Public Cleaning) Day
On the last Saturday of every month in Rwanda, there is Umuganda day. This is a day set aside to help neighbours, friends and family and Rwandans between the ages of 18 and 65 are obliged to take part. Activities include building roads, primary schools, health centres and collecting litter.

September - Kwita Izina (Gorilla Naming Ceremony)
This is the annual Rwandan ceremony of naming the new born baby gorillas and usually takes place in September at Musanze. The Kwita Izina event attracts the attention of several prominent personalities and public figures both internationally and locally and highlights the need to conserve the gorilla population.



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