The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the most exotic countries in Africa, yet it is only three hours or so from London by air and just a 90 minute ferry crossing from Algeciras in Spain. There are no herds of elephant on the plains or leopards in the trees, but there is dramatic scenery, distinctive architecture, much cultural interest, and fun shopping in the souks for colourful scarves, carpets, silverware and so on, while all around is a traditional lifestyle which has seen little change for centuries.

In addition to all these attractions, it is great to be able to find warm sunshine at times of year when Europe’s weather is far from reliable – such as March, April, May, October and November – and, indeed, during the winter months.

And Morocco offers luxury to the visitor, too. There are superb hotels and restaurants in Marrakech, for example, and grand villas and luxurious riads to be rented as well. There are also some fine hotels in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, to the south of Marrakech, and the more adventurous can drive up and over the mountains and down the other side to the edge of the Sahara Desert, home of the Bedouin tribes.

The Rocksure Club knows Morocco well and can plan a programme which combines the best of everything.

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Morocco has a diverse but generally tropical climate with regional and seasonal variations. Read More

Morocco has a diverse but generally tropical climate with regional and seasonal variations. Coastal areas experience a more Mediterranean climate whereas inland regions tend to be hotter and drier.
The south of the country is dominated by desert so temperatures are very hot throughout most of the year. However, these temperatures do fall significantly both at nighttime and, with the presence of the snow-capped Atlas Mountain Range, altitude.

The rains visit the Moroccan coast from November to March but the country is mainly dry. The relatively high winter temperatures and dry summers make Morocco a fantastic year-round destination. To avoid the heat, the best time to visit is during the shoulder seasons of April to May and September to November.

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