The market town of Karima lies between two deserts and feels like a long way from anywhere, but it is the perfect place to base yourself to explore the remains of the Napatan kingdom of Kush. On the edge of Karima is Jebel Barkhal, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and means Holy Mountain and is a stunning red sandstone mountain.

A wonderful way of putting the area of Karima into perspective, is to walk up Jebel Barkal, which takes approximately 20 minutes and is best to approach from the north side. From the top you will have a wonderful view of the temple ruins, you can see the Nile and after watching the sun set, you can literally run all the way down the sand path to the bottom!

Close by are the royal cemetries of Nuri and El Kurru. Remains of a more recent nature are the boats of the Middle Nile steamer fleet, hauled up on the riverbank to die.

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As with the rest of Sudan, due to stiflingly high temperatures in the summer months, tourists are advised to travel between October and March.

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