The region of Australasia comprises of Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific Islands and New Guinea. Wherever you choose to visit within this vast region, you will be certain to witness the great outdoors at its very best, in a part of the world where nature most definitely still rules.

From the turquoise blue waters of the South Pacific Islands, to the immense glistening mountains of New Zealand, it’s almost impossible to not find everyone’s perfect adventure within the region.

Protected areas such as the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, and Fiordland National Park in New Zealand’s South Island offer world-class adventures to some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Australasia is also packed with an incredible variety of wildlife to see; face-to face-encounters with koalas, kangaroos and even crocodiles are all possible.

  • Explore the Cities

    In addition to the beautiful scenery that the rural areas of Australasia have to offer, the cities all add their own individual flair into the mix.

    Australia has a selection of diverse cities; Sydney for its world-famous landmarks, sunny weather and beautiful beaches; Melbourne for its cosmopolitan vibe, dynamic art scene and beautiful hidden spaces; and Perth for its delectable cuisine, picture perfect beaches and relaxed atmosphere.

    The cities in New Zealand also have a lot to offer, from the hustle and bustle city of Auckland, that is beautifully framed by surrounding volcanoes, to the aptly named Garden City of Christchurch which is full of parks and gardens making it a very pretty city to visit in any season.

  • Wildlife

    The wildlife across the region of Australasia is known to be unusual. In Australia, you can have a cuddle with the extremely docile Koala bear, catch sight of the iconic kangaroos and wallabies that are regularly seen in the wild, and even swim with sharks.

    New Zealand also has its fair share of rare wildlife species to discover, the nation’s favourite kiwi bird is native to New Zealand. There are also Hector’s Dolphins, these dolphins that are the smallest in the world can mostly be spotted in the South Island.  

  • Experience the Great Barrier Reef


    Visiting the Great Barrier Reef is a must when in Australia. Located off the coast of Queensland, the reef is the largest living thing on the planet, and visible from outer space.

    With many ways in which to experience the reef, it’s easy to find something that suits you best. You can go diving and snorkelling with a guide, witness it from above on a helicopter or sea plane, or cruise in a semi-submersible or glass bottom boat.

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