Located in the northeast of Italy, Venice is the most romantic and enchanting city made up of turquoise canals, ancient palaces and serenading gondoliers. Listed as a World Heritage Site, Venice is bursting with history and culture, around every corner you will see the city’s contributions to art, architecture and music. Whether you’re falling in love on a moonlit gondola ride or viewing a famous orchestral symphony, Venice promises to set your soul alight with its artistic flair.

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Holidays to Venice are popular throughout the year. The city is very busy during the summer months but is a great choice during other seasons.  It has a multitude of sights and experiences such as the Rialto market which is a big hit with foodies.  Doge’s Palace is a masterpiece of gothic architecture and well worth a visit.  A holiday to Venice would not be complete without a Gondola tour, the perfect way to soak up the atmosphere as you glide through the city. 

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  • Rialto market experience with authentic Italian cooking class and lunch


    The renowned Venetian market of Rialto will excite foodies from around the world. Alive with colours, smells and the finest produce, you will start here selecting your ingredients. Quench your thirst for knowledge as you learn the history and story of the market and its food.

    A classic Venetian plazzo is the perfect place for you to prepare a three course meal, guided by a local chef, as well as a wine tasting session with a sommelier, enabling you to pair them perfectly with your meal. End this experience by enjoying your own hand crafted meal.

  • View the wonders of Doge’s Palace and St Mark’s Basilica


     Leaving the waterways behind, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you will head for Doge’s Palace which, for centuries served as the home for Venetian politics. Observe the grandeur of the rooms, and marvel at the classic painted masterpieces hung throughout. 

    St Mark’s Basilica is known as one of the world’s most majestic Cathedral’s and it definitely won’t disappoint. Enjoy a guided tour of the Basilica as you take in the beautiful gold mosaics and marble floors of this Byzantine masterpiece.

  • Great Canal Gondola Tour


    Without a doubt the number one must do when visiting Venice, and the perfect way to soak up Venice’s unique bustling atmosphere.

    Board your special boat, famous for their traditional Venetian use, and drift slowly through the Grand Canal, observing the beautiful Church of Madonna della Salute and exploring the wondrous “water roads” of the Minor Canal.

     Indulge yourself in the romance as you glide through the City’s gentle waters, admiring the stunning architecture with a glass of Prosecco whilst being serenaded by your friendly Gondolier.

  • Interpreti Veneziani Concert with dinner


    Venice is known for its wonderful classical music, performed with beauty and grace by top orchestra’s.

    This experience will truly romanticise you, as you enjoy a wonderful three course meal at a top rated local restaurant, after which you will make your way to 17th Century Church of San Vidal. Here you will be amazed at the tremendous skill and talent of some of the best musicians in Venice- The Interpreti Veneziani ensemble- as they perform their chamber music for you amongst the atmospheric surroundings.

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From the arctic cold of the Dolomites to the mild Adriatic Coast, Veneto's area of over 18,000 sq kms contains all the temperatures of Europe. Read More

From the arctic cold of the Dolomites to the mild Adriatic Coast, Veneto's area of over 18,000 sq kms contains all the temperatures of Europe. Rainfall stays fairly consistent throughout the year, so whether you enjoy warm summers or mild winters, you can visit anytime of year.

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What's On

January (6th) - Regata della Befana, Venice
February - Venice Carnival
May - A wonderful time to visit gardens throughout Italy as flowers begin to bloom
May (last weekend) - Cantine Aperte (Open Wine Cellars)
June - Verona Opera Festival
August - Ferragosto parties throughout Italy on the country’s biggest holiday
September - Regat​a Storica, Venice
September - Murano Glass Week – a week of events related to glassblowers and their work, Venice
September / October - Cantine Aperte (Open Wine Cellars) during the harvest
September - November - Sagre season, food and wine fairs throughout Italy
October - November - Olive Oil Harvest 
Late October - early November - Opera Opening Season with the last one always being La Scala, Venice
December - Nuremberg Christmas Market comes to Piazza dei Signori, Verona

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