Kampala & Entebbe

Being the capital and largest city of Uganda, Kampala is a dynamic and engaging metropolis with a rich and colourful history. Several significant buildings from the Bugandan kingdom are standing, such as the Kasubi Tombs and the Mengo Palace. The Tombs, built in 1881, is a UNESCO world heritage site and was the burial place for the royal family, and interestingly has the feel of a distinct rural village. Perhaps the most historical site in Kampala is the Palace, formerly home to the King of Buganda until it was turned into an army-barracks-come-prison-camp in the 1970s. Visitors now have the opportunity to explore the terrifying torture chambers and look at the harrowing messages etched into the walls.

On a lighter note, the cultural centre of Kisasi that aims to promote Ugandan and African cultural expressions through music, dance and drama is an excellent place to visit for an introduction to a more traditional Uganda. Venture southeast to marvel at Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake, and take a moment to relax at the stunning views.

Around 23 miles southwest of Kampala is the sleepy town of Entebbe, a dramatic contrast to Uganda’s bustling capital. Here, it is the relaxed pace of life and nearby natural attractions that give the city its charm. The National Botanical Gardens, an extensive area of thick rainforest home to 115 species of birds and plenty of monkeys, including the black and white colobus. Visit Mabamba swamp from Entebbe, which is home to shoebill storks or spend time at Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

South of the Gardens is the wildlife Education centre which not only serves as a zoo but as a rescue and rehabilitation centre. With over 250 herbs and medicinal plants and 121 bird species in the forest, along with 13 big cats, southern white rhinos, lions, leopards and shoebill storks, one can see why this is such a popular attraction.

We recommend visiting both cities to completely satisfy your cultural needs.

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Both Kampala and Entebbe see very little variation in their temperatures throughout the year. Read More

Both Kampala and Entebbe see very little variation in their temperatures throughout the year. As a result, they are perfect destinations to visit all year round.

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