Riau Islands Province

Located between Singapore and the island of Sulawesi, the Riau Islands Province straddles the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. This tropical location enables it to boast a myriad of untouched islands, with pearly white beaches and turquoise lagoons.

As you might expect from such an undiscovered and sparsely populated part of the world, the preservation of Riau’s natural jewels is second to none. Consequently, it is a mecca for diving enthusiasts who desire a plethora of marine life.

Many of the people on the islands still live according to traditional methods, without electricity or mobile signal; it is therapeutic to see the happiness that people gain from living without the modern distractions that can so often dominate our lives.

As you progress further into the region, explorers will find the Anambas Archipelago; a protected area of tropical islands, mystical lagoons and stunning beaches just waiting to be explored.

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Precipitation (Avg Days) 22 20 13 13 23 23 28 29 23 25 26 24 269

Average temperatures remain stable all year round in the Riau Islands Province. Read More

Average temperatures remain stable all year round in the Riau Islands Province. The warmest months are April, May and June and the driest months are January, February and March. This means that the best time to visit the region is from January to July.
As with most Indonesian destinations, visitors should be aware that the Riau Archipelago's tropical location means that humidity, and subsequently the chance of rain, remain high throughout the year.

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