The vast continent of Asia has impressive credentials; the largest continent on earth and roughly one third of the earth’s land surface, the highest average elevation of all the continents, home to both the highest and lowest points on earth, the longest continental coastline and the most dramatic extremes of climate giving rise to the broadest spectrum of vegetation and animal life of any of the continents. Home to around half the world’s population as well as the most extensive diversity of human adaptation on the planet, Asia is an utterly enthralling and thrilling continent.


For those who have never been, a good place to start is perhaps Sri Lanka as a gentle introduction, with her relaxed atmosphere, friendly people and plenty to see and do, including safaris.


For a country full of surprises, colour and a fascinating history, India is addictive, once you have been once you will long to return again and again. Not to mention being home to the majestic king of the jungle, the tiger and the elusive snow leopard.


If you are seeking spiritual enlightenment or even just some peaceful times, there are hundreds of possibilities, but Bhutan is certainly a fabulous choice with phenomenal scenery. Nepal is home to the mighty Everest and should you wish to see it but not climb it, private helicopters can be arranged for a very special and unique experience.


Southeast Asia is a scenic delight and invokes all the senses, from ancient temples and the hustle and bustle of the cities to the mighty Mekong and glorious beaches in the whole region, the area is a must visit, plus the cuisine is heavenly and guaranteed to tantalise taste buds.


A boat charter on Indonesian waters is quite simply the best way to explore the archipelago and here you will find some of the most exquisite marine life in the world.

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