Kenya is a beautiful country with such a wide diversity of habitats and wildlife.

Whether it's exploring the open plains of the world famous Massai Mara in a 4x4, horse riding by the flamingo lakes of the Great Rift Valley, game fishing off the Kenyan coast, flying in a hot air balloon, or relaxing on the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean, Kenya has something for everyone.

  • Explore miles of endless white sandy beaches


    Kenya offers white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, swaying plam trees, plus excellent snorkelling and diving with superb marine reserves.

    Try your hand at big game fishing, kite surfing and stand up paddleboarding. There are a variety of boutique hotels and fully staffed private villas in which to choose to spend your holiday.

  • Search for Black rhino in Laikipia


    Laikipia is home to a wealth of endangered species, including approximately half of Kenya's black rhinos along with the unique northern species including Grey's zebra and the Sitatunga antelope. 

    The vast Laikipia plateau extends from the Rift Valley to the foothills of the snowcapped Mount Kenya and offers the opportunity to explore by vehicle, on foot, by bike, horse or camel.

  • Go on a Kenyan cultural Safari


    A Kenyan safari is just as much about wildlife as it is about the local culture. Stay at a camp or lodge which is run by the local community, where you will learn all about the local tribes and their way of life.

    Contact your Destination Specialist to find out more about a Kenyan cultural safari.

  • Witness river crossings during the Great Migration


    Visit the acacia-dotted plains of the Masai Mara, which you will find teeming with wildlife.

    At certain times of year you can witness incredible river crossings of zebra and wildebeest during the Great Migration. Watch these huge herds move through the plains of the Mara whilst followed by predators as they cross the Mara River, with crocodiles snapping at their heels.

  • Walk with a Samburu Warrior


    Visit Samburu, where you can go on a walking safari with your Samburu team, which gives you more of an insight into Kenya's animals and its people. The walking safaris are fully supported by camels to move the camps and your luggage.

    You can traverse stunning countryside with rich wildlife, geologic areas of interest and get away from it all.

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Precipitation (Avg Days) 5 3 7 14 19 13 14 13 12 12 12 12 136

Kenya is a country with three distinct types of climate: the coastal region is hot and humid; the mountains and plateaus are temperate; and the north and east are hot and dry. Read More

Kenya is a country with three distinct types of climate: the coastal region is hot and humid; the mountains and plateaus are temperate; and the north and east are hot and dry.
Like it’s equatorial neighbour, Ethiopia, Kenya only experiences small seasonal variations in temperature. However, the warmest period is between February and March, and the coolest months are July and August.

The two prevailing winds create two seasons: from October to March, the hot and originally dry winds come from Arabia, whereas, from April to September, the prevailing winds are cooler and wetter, and come from the Indian Ocean. At the beginning of these two periods there are two short rainy seasons. The most intense rains are between March and May, and the less intense rains from October to December.

As alluded to in the introduction, the intensity of the rains varies according to region. The rains are most plentiful in the coastal zones and, as is to be expected, less so in the arid region. The rains are sporadic, due to the adverse impacts of climate change on El Niño, and often come in the form of thunderstorms.

Advising on when to go to Kenya is difficult because of the range of climates and is largely dependent on what visitors want to see. For this reason, it is best to visit our specific Kenya regional pages to find out more.

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