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Welcome to the Rocksure Travel Company – where we are delighted to offer our ‘couture’ travel expertise to create experiences for our clients that are truly unique.





Whether you long for a global adventure or a quick weekend getaway, with a group of loved ones or simply by yourself, travelling with Rocksure is an experience you will treasure forever.

Over the last few months we have been busy reimagining ways to bring the experience of travel to life, keeping the time-honoured principles of haute couture – the highest expression of art, creativity, and truly personal creation – at the heart of our vision. Now that travel, once a distant dream, is becoming a reality, we are thrilled to share this vision with you.

We are independent within the travel industry which allows us to create truly personal itineraries based on each client’s dreams.

Our expertise enables our clients to travel lightly through a curated selection of remarkable destinations and experiences.   Dive in!

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Rocksure was founded over a decade ago to manage a luxury apartment portfolio in Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna and Venice: the modern grand tour if you like. Each apartment is part of the fabric of its city and embodies its spirit.

From these beginnings, Rocksure and its team of concierges have gone on to passionately and skilfully curate journeys to every corner of the globe, in every kind of accommodation and with every kind of activity, each with a remarkable character that can’t be duplicated.

Rocksure Stories bring life to our favourite destinations all over the world, from secluded villas tucked away in the sublime Portuguese countryside, to Caribbean beaches where barefoot luxury is the desired speed of travel, to the bustling streets of Barcelona. From the intimate to the grand, the elegant to the bold – we’ve expertly curated a couture portfolio of destinations and experiences whose unifying characteristic is their authenticity and individuality.

Greece is a Muse.
19th September 2020

We are delighted to share a first hand account of one of our client’s very recent 14 day holiday in Santorini, Greece. Our travel team created a couture experience for a family of five and we enlisted our wonderful concierge Jackie who is based in Santorini to assist with day to day requests while our clients were on the island…

Uma Casa Portuguesa.
18th March 2021

From the Rocksure Office in the Cotswolds, England: The famous Portuguese Fado song perfectly describes the simplicity, kindness and love felt in a Portuguese home, where it is a customary welcome to have bread and cheese always on the table… and it is true, the Portuguese are famous for their iconic wines as well as their heartfelt hospitality…

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