The Rocksure Club

A Private Members Club for travellers, wine-lovers and adventurers - an innovative experiential platform for those who love to travel.

Rocksure fulfils the needs of discerning, luxury travellers who want high quality, assured, accommodation, across the world, with the insight and advice of our experienced team.

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About Us


One day all we wished to know became available in the palm of our hands and a generation started to drown in information. The private Rocksure Club came about to provide an antidote to the internet of luxury travel by offering an indispensable source of travel and lifestyle ideas to a small number of like-minded individuals looking for focus and inspiration, not endless choice.

We set out to turn travel knowledge into wisdom by dwelling on what it is to be a Club, gathering together travel and lifestyle thinkers and specialists, learning about our Members’ lifestyle passions and building a social platform on which Members could choose to share ideas and connect.

The result is a Club, which understands that what connects us all is far more astonishing than what sets us apart. We believe that travel should be profound - to travel is to live! And, whilst no one can discover the world for you, The Rocksure Club draws on first-hand knowledge from our Specialists, and the Members themselves, to deliver travel and lifestyle opportunities for those looking for the finer things in life.


  • An indispensable source of travel and lifestyle ideas
  • Private interactive social platform
  • World’s most exclusive and sought after private properties
  • ‘Rocksure Life’ – Wine Society, Music, Sailing, Sports, Retreats, Rocksure Masters, Private Expeditions
  • Calendar of Events
  • Ski beyond the Alps – 'Rocksure Snow' 

The Rocksure Club's lifestyle offering is designed to offer Members an antidote to the internet of luxury travel, presenting a world of opportunities and connections, that come from an exceptional in-house team and from you - the Members themselves.

Rocksure Life is made up of 'Circles' of interest such as Wine, Arts, Music, Sailing, Wildlife, Conservation, Sporting Life. As a Member you can join these Circles, connect with each other via the Club Platform, sharing recommendations, and attending events.

Find out more about why people choose to become a Member below...

Private Club

A private platform, secure and accessed by password, run in keeping with the ethos and tradition of a Private Members Club, staunchly tailoring its offering to its Members, away from public gaze, presenting a world of opportunities and connections.

Privileged Access

The Rocksure Club’s team, of enormously experienced private travel and lifestyle planners, superb connections on the ground around the world and the shared insights and recommendations of the Club’s Members - combine to build a proprietary bank of information which delivers privileged, insider access to people and places all over the world.

Be Connected

It is a Club made up of like-minded, ardent travellers and adventurers, people with lifestyle passions that they indulge through the Club from Wine and Music to Private Expeditions, Sailing and the Arts. It brings together our knowledge and our Members’, to open doors and create opportunities.


We’ve designed our tech completely differently to anyone else. It’s a private, interactive, social platform built around our Members’ wishes. There are no operating systems designed to spew out mainstream itineraries. It’s designed to offer an easily accessible, indispensable source of ideas, via desktop, tablet or mobile App, for browsing, planning, connecting, and navigating on the ground. It’s there to be helpful and inspiring, but our team is exceptional and always there for you to speak to or message.

Private Properties

With its own portfolio of exclusive apartments in Venice, Paris, Barcelona, Vienna and Prague and a growing worldwide portfolio of private properties found through our connections and those of our Members, the Club’s private accommodation portfolio provides relaxed authenticity, uncompromising dependability, quality, service and style.

Life & Circles

In today’s world, travel and lifestyle passions are often inseparable. We offer exceptional bespoke travel planning, but we’ve also built Circles around our Members’ interests and passions. There’s a Wine Circle, Expeditions, Art, Opera, Cars, Wildlife & Conservation & Gastronomy Circle. As a Member you can choose to join a Circle, or choose to stay completely private.

Calendar of Events

All of our Rocksure Life elements naturally form Circles of interest, and each Circle has ongoing events based on that area of interest – Classic Car Rallies, Wine Trips and ‘Boots Camps’, Jazz and Opera events…  

Bespoke Travel

We set out to provide an antidote to the internet of luxury travel by offering an indispensable source of travel and lifestyle ideas to like-minded individuals looking for focus and inspiration, not endless choice. No one on our team has less than ten years of experience. They are knowledgeable, well connected and focussed on offering trips that suit your needs from pure relaxation to the ultimate in experiential travel. We encourage our Members to share their own insights and ideas so that over time we build up a bank of private information that can enhance our itineraries and give our members access the most extraordinary opportunities.

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The Rocksure Club is a small community of like-minded individuals, all of whom share a passion for the finer things in life such as Wine and Food, Music and Opera, Literature and the Arts as well as a passion for travel. 

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