Magnificent landscapes, spectacular  sunrises, boundless nature parks and wildlife in abundance - Namibia has everything.

Namibia can be explored in many ways. Take to the air and absorb this incredible country as far as the eye can see, hire a 4x4
and explore different terrain at your leisure. Or take a camping safari into far, remote regions.

The sounds you will hear and sights you will see are like no other.

  • Take a living desert tour


    A living desert tour will bring the desert to life whilst sharing the stunning beauty of the Namib Desert. 

    The coastal dune belt may appear lifeless, but it is in fact alive with a fascinating variety of small desert adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean. 

    Learn about the structure, geology and formation of the desert, and admire the beautiful landscapes while enjoying a scenic dune drive.

  • Meet the Himba tribe


    Hidden away in Northern Namibia, the indigenous Himba tribe has resisted westernisation and the encroaching tourism industry. The north-west is a remote corner of the country that few tourists visit, leaving it relatively unexplored. 

    The Himba are a pastoral nomadic people and they totally depend on their herds of cattle and goats. Women paint themselves twice a day with red clay mixed with butter. They wear short skirts made of goat skins and long red clay covered plaits of hair ending with tassells.

  • Take a flying safari along the Skeleton Coast

    The Skeleton coast stretches from the south of Namibia up into Angola and is an area of hauntingly beautiful landscapes.

    It offers a vast area of rolling sand dunes, expanses of uninhabited desert plains, unique geological formations, fossil beds, desert-adapted animals and unusual vegetation.

    You can experience a fascinating bird’s-eye views of shipwreck remains along the coast, diverse and ever-changing geological formations and the refuges of desert-dwelling animals such as the desert-adapted elephant and the endangered black rhino.

  • Explore the NamibRand Nature Reserve


    The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a private nature reserve located in southern Namibia and is established to help conserve and protect the unique wildlife and ecology of the south-west Namib Desert.

    Explore the reserve by land rover, on foot or from the air as you discover the multi-faceted desert habitat, which is home to the most intriguing desert-adapted flora and fauna.

    Nature walks with resident field guides reveal the fascinating wonders of the NamibRand Nature Reserve as do sundowners on the dunes, dinners by candlelight and picnics in the wild.

  • Spot a Desert adapted elephant


    The desert-adapted elephant of Namibia generally inhabit the ancient, ephemeral riverbeds that can be found in north-west regions.

    These elephants are found predominantly in the Damarland and Kaokoland regions and we can recommend lodges to view these desert-adapted elephants.

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Namibia's southern African climate is conducive to year-round travel, however, many consider the dry winter months (May to October) to be the best for game viewing especially. Read More

Namibia's southern African climate is conducive to year-round travel, however, many consider the dry winter months (May to October) to be the best for game viewing especially. Whilst the high concentration of animals around the declining water holes make for great wildlife spotting, the freezing night time temperatures can catch visitors out so be sure to be pack an extra layer or two. The rains arrive in November and turn the country green. The summer season is the best time for bird watching in Namibia but the risk of Malaria in summer means that tourists prefer to stick travelling in winter.

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