East Coast

The Eastern Province of Sri Lanka is one of nine, and is by far the most authentic part of the country due to minimal tourism, giving guests a more meaningful feeling when visiting. Untouched coastlines allow visitors to bask in her natural beauty, while spectacular Hindu temples provide a significant cultural experience. The pristine coastal scenery derives, ironically, from its tragic wartime past; the civil war between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers led to widespread devastation. Now, some nine years later, the Eastern Province has become a tranquil area with a fascinating history.

The East Coast is largely dominated by lagoons, with the largest being in Batticaloa. This major city has a deeper history with a rich colonial past, housing an old fort built by the Portuguese in 1628. The fort is still in excellent condition and is protected by the lagoon of solid coral walls on two sides and a canal on the others. Trincomalee, the provinces’ capital, is also awash with culture, boasting the finest natural deep-water harbour, renowned for its size and security unlike any other in the Indian Ocean. It has also recently become a popular whale watching destination, providing many unforgettable moments. The sea here is swimmable and therefore the beaches family friendly, with ample snorkelling and diving opportunities. 

All of this and more awaits you on the tropical Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka, it truly is an extraordinary place.

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