Encompassing vast areas of wilderness smattered with natural phenomena; the mighty Iguazu Falls emerge majestically from the northern boundaries of the Atlantic rainforest, to the raw beauty of the immense frozen Perito Moreno Glacier in the far south of Patagonia.

An efficient network of air routes criss-cross the huge distances allowing for easy arrival to an array of stunning lodges, from the wine valleys in the northern Andes to the lakes and lower ranges of the Andes in Patagonia. 

Argentina exudes warmth and simple hospitality. This is the land of Malbec and steak but you will also discover the sweeter side of this nation with their love of pastries and desserts emanating from French and Italian heritage. Argentina’s fabric is mystical, bold, sophisticated and yet simple, and all can be sampled from both a short or extended visit.

  • Incredible Road Trips

    Argentina is a vast country and it lends itself perfectly to those with an intrepid spirit who wish to embark on either a lengthy road trip expedition or simply dip in for a shorter self-drive circular, or centre based trip. Drive the entire length of Patagonia from the scenic Lake District in the north, passing through miles of flat arid Patagonian steppe, finally completing your journey at the immense cobalt blue Perito Moreno glacier. A variety of welcoming guest houses and estancias will be your hosts at every night stop.             

    Alternatively, explore the stunning North West region on a circular route from Salta to Cayfayate. Drive through a rich ochre mountain landscape to arrive at some of the oldest vineyards coupled with deluxe private estate villas or charming converted colonial homesteads.

  • Natural Wonders

    Argentina is a proud nation and protector of the gift of nature inside her boundaries. Argentina shares the mighty Iguazu Falls in the north with Brazil and Paraguay but has sole custody of the immense, advancing Perito Moreno Glacier in the far south.

    The Andes form a spine to the west with the Chilean border. The highest peak outside Asia, Aconcagua, rises from the province of Mendoza.   

    The wild Atlantic coast is rich in marine wildlife where you can view whales, penguins and elephant seals. Dramatic Tierra del Fuego at the tip of the continent tumbles into the fjords of the Beagle Channel leading to the infamous Drake Passage and Antarctica.   

  • Breathtaking Buenos Aires

    The energy of Buenos Aires is infectious. Buenos Aires, although cosmopolitan with strong Italian, Spanish, Arab and Jewish influences is very much Latin America with an iconic Argentine identity reflected in the arts, music, gaucho culture and politics.

    This city’s cosmopolitan, progressive and stylish heritage has transcended to all aspects of hospitality. You will find superb restaurants, traditional coffee houses and bakeries, a club for every day of the week and some of the best hotels in metropolitan Latin America. The city can be overwhelming to the first time visitor especially after a long journey. We prefer to introduce you slowly with a short orientation around the vicinity of your hotel first, followed by an authentic immersion in the city’s culture via cuisine and wine.

  • Exquisite Wine Lodges

    The province and city of Mendoza is the main export wine region of Argentina, famous for Malbec. The city and region has a stunning location beneath the eastern flanks of the soaring Andes Mountains. Here, the Andes are at their highest point, snow-capped and rising majestically from the desert. It is here, in the vineyards with views to the Andes that you will find the most exquisite wine lodges that excel in service, sommelier expertise, fine dining, luxury and privacy.   

    The region around the town of Cayfayate, to the North West of Mendoza, less accessible but well worth the journey, is another wine region worthy of exploration. Torrontes is a speciality, grown at higher altitude along with Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Pristine Wilderness


    More than a third of the population of Argentina live in and around the capital leaving vast tracts of land sparsely populated.

    National Parks are accessible from gateway towns and there are a few scattered wilderness lodges (though not as many as in Chile). However, Argentina excels at estancia (ranch / farm) hospitality.

    Enjoy the wilderness whilst staying at an authentic, warm and cosy homestead with unlimited access to private land to fish, ride, hike, herd cattle and learn the ways of the gaucho and early European rural settlers.        

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Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world with an incredibly diverse climate ranging from subtropical to sub antarctic. Read More

Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world with an incredibly diverse climate ranging from subtropical to sub antarctic. As a rule of thumb, being located in the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed with the main Austral summer being between the months of November to March. Winter (June to August) are generally mild but with dull and reduced light in the north of Argentina but cold with plenty of snow and frost in the south (perfect for winter sports).
Iguazu Falls are an exception located in a sub-tropical climate with high temperatures and rainfall throughout the year, however, always bear in mind that winter throughout the whole of Argentina can be prone to 'cold snaps' where an icy cold winter wind from the ice fields in the south can bring frost at night in the north.

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