The long thin country is a geographical phenomenon and is surprisingly easy to navigate, with an excellent flight network which
eat up the miles transporting visitors from desert to glacier, and vineyards to volcanoes in a matter of hours.  

The Chileans have successfully followed the lead of the African lodge concept by taking incredibly isolated regions of Patagonia and making
them accessible by the thoughtful placement of lodges in harmony with the landscape. Guiding is private in exclusive 4x4’s to explore the wilds
of this amazing country efficiently and in comfort. 

Whether it be world class fishing, wine lodges, desert adventures or out of this world astronomy experiences,
we have the knowledge to make your trip truly memorable.

Chile has mastered the art of hospitality and warmth to make the long journey to Santiago well worth it.

  • Incredible Wilderness Lodges


    This is what Chile does so well. The past decade has seen the emergence of a network of excellent, fully inclusive isolated lodges which arrange exclusive private guiding as well as small group explorations. Locations have been chosen to fully capture the magnificent scenery of southern and northern Patagonia, the Atacama, Easter Island and the wine valleys.

    The lodge concept in Chile is very much one of being out in the elements all day and ‘feeling’ the wilderness. The lodges provide extremely comfortable ‘disconnected’ spaces to rest and relax after a day out exploring. There will always be a cosy corner with an open fire or a stunning mountain view from a carefully positioned pool or hot tub.   

  • Stunning Wine Lodges

    The Chilean wine valleys run pretty much parallel with their
    Argentine neighbours on the other side of the Andes.
    However, the Chilean vineyards have a wonderful Mediterranean
    climate and the region is greener.   

    The road journeys from the capital, Santiago, and the airport take a little longer to reach the most stunning lodges and vineyards but they are well worth the drive. The views are magnificent, privacy, luxury and service go hand in hand with expert knowledge of all aspects of viticulture, harvest, wine tasting and pairing.

    The Chilean lodges also offer a range of activities on site including riding, hiking, biking, culinary, Spa and enjoying the wonderful climate beside a pool! 

  • Desert Explorations

    The Atacama Desert is remarkably accessible. The oasis village of San Pedro de Atacama is less than a two hour road journey from the nearest airport. From here, the desert is on your doorstep and magnificent landscapes and colours can be viewed from your bedroom window.

    Longer excursions to the desert start early, before dawn. Watch the sunrise over searing volcanoes, and as a stunning back drop to the impressive geyser fields at El Tatio.

    The desert is a photographer’s delight, and a soft and hard
    adventurer’s playground. Again, the idea is to be out all day exploring and discovering and relaxing and enjoying warm desert hospitality when the sun goes down.

  • Epic Wilderness Journeys

    With over 2,600 vertical miles from top to toe between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, Chile, is the perfect destination for an adventurous and remote road trip.

    The Carretera Austral road from Northern to Southern Patagonia is squeezed between forests and fjords, lakes and glaciers. Paved and gravel roads are interspersed with all sorts of ferries to join up the route eventually ending at the tip of the continent. Homesteads, national park cabanas and remote estancias are strategically placed along the route to guarantee a hearty meal and a good night’s sleep.   

    There are also wonderful scenic driving routes around the Lake District from being based at one location if you prefer.

  • Mesmerising Landscapes

    The snow capped epic Andes rise in the north to their highest peaks and their jagged, spellbinding bare granite spikes emerge from the flat Patagonian Steppe.

    In-between you find perfectly coned volcanoes, vivid blue lakes, hanging glaciers, ancient beech forests, cloud forests clinging to vertiginous slopes, hidden fjords, rushing rivers and infinite desert landscapes.       

    Chile, with such extraordinary geography, has been fortunate to preserve huge swathes of untouched wilderness, vast tracts are still inaccessible by vehicle but can be enjoyed by foot, horseback or from the water.

    Secret lodges can be found in the remotest of regions by those in the know and for the truly intrepid.

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Chile has extreme climates! As a rule of thumb, being located in the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed with the main Austral summer being between the months of November to March. Read More

Chile has extreme climates! As a rule of thumb, being located in the southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed with the main Austral summer being between the months of November to March. Winter (June to August) are generally mild but with dull and reduced light in the north of Chile but cold with plenty of rain, snow and frost in the south. Snow reaches the central valleys which in winter opens up the ski fields at Portillo just a two hour drive from Santiago.
The Atacama Desert is an all year round destination with much colder evenings from June-September with the likelihood of the overland border crossings to Argentina and Bolivia being closed due to snow fall.

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