From the palm fringed beaches of Mustique in the Grenadines and the countless sun drenched beaches of white sand such as Cades Reef or Falmouth Harbour in Antigua, Caribbean holidays offer a paradise on earth from which you can swim in crystal clear aquamarine water and explore the many coastlines.

Comprising of over seven thousand individual islands and at least 26 countries, luxury Caribbean holidays can be enjoyed in a variety of diverse locations. The Caribbean is seen as a tropical paradise for many. With its emerald forests bejewelled with exotic birds and wildlife and its water rich with colourful fish and interesting reefs, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that these islands have been through a lot since they were first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492. After trying to be claimed by many European nations, the slave trade took hold of these islands until 1834 when it was freed. Since then, however, the Caribbean is now very much respected amongst nations and individuals, and the region is blossoming as a luxury holiday destination.

From Antigua to Jamaica, to Mustique, these islands exert beauty and tranquillity. Yet it’s not just the shimmering white sands, turquoise blue waters and alluring winter climate which entice visitors back time and time again – it’s also the people! Friendly and fun, the Caribbean would not be the same without the motivation for laughter, dance, food and fun!

We are specialists in luxury holidays to the Caribbean with a spectacular range of villas. Our experienced travel team tailor holidays to the Caribbean creating bespoke experiences which deliver the very best the region has to offer.

  • Sea Turtle conservation

    Sea turtles are among the most magnificent residents of the Caribbean, but they’re also among the most endangered. Overfishing, pollution, and degradation of nesting areas have made life more difficult for the region’s green, loggerhead, leatherback, and hawksbill sea turtles.

    This is why here at The Rocksure Club we love to see the growing number of initiatives designed to preserve and protect the sea turtles within the many Caribbean resorts.

    Activities such as sea turtle educationals and excursions for guests to witness sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs on nearby beaches are amongst the many guest offerings - particularly in the summer and fall, which is sea turtle nesting season in the Caribbean.

  • Eco-friendly exclusivity

    Going on a Caribbean holiday shouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. Why not stay in a sustainable and eco-friendly resort and not only treat yourself, but also the planet.

    We particularly love the sustainability element at Petit St Vincent - where there are no plastic water bottles on the island, rainwater harvested from roofs is used for irrigating the landscape and an extensive composting system is in place.

    Over in Antigua, Hermitage Bay's subtly designed non-invasive approach to blend into Antigua’s natural surroundings doesn't go unnoticed. The developers were set on retaining the original coastal mangrove ecosystem, and the use of sustainable building materials for each of the resort’s 27 cottage suites.

  • Caribbean Flavours

    No visit to the Caribbean is complete without sampling some of its colourful flavours. The use of local and fresh ingredients make Caribbean food a sensation delight.

    A fusion of European, African and Cajun. Caribbean (or West Indies) cuisine is a winning mix of many different cultures. Blending unique spices, fresh herbs and fish caught that very same day; that’s Caribbean food.

    There are a huge range of restaurants in the Caribbean so suitable for all tastes - perfect for families and fussy eaters. If you fancy indulging in some traditional Caribbean delicacies then you certainly have a treat in store - make sure you try some plantain, fresh fish, spicy rice or how about some jerk chicken.

  • Live Caribbean

    You could be fooled into thinking the only way to experience the Caribbean is on a 'fly and flop' holiday. But you haven't truly experienced these islands until you've experienced the sights and smells of a fish fry, drank rum from a local rum shack or basked under a hidden waterfall. 

    The Caribbean's culture has historically been influenced by that of African and Amerindian traditions. It has also been strongly influenced by that of its linguistic, economic, and cultural neighbour, the USA.

    As a collection of settler nations, the contemporary Caribbean has been shaped by waves of migration that have combined to form a unique blend of customs, cuisine, and traditions - so with this melting pot of influence there is something for everyone to enjoy.

  • Take to the Water

    These islands aren't just a haven for white sand beaches, top class resorts and exotic Caribbean flair - there is just as much to enjoy off the islands than on them - so why not experience the best of both worlds? 

    A Caribbean charter yacht itinerary can be tailored to your needs and as varied as you wish. St Barts and Antigua are especially popular with the superyacht crowd, both for their high-end shopping and restaurants as well as their exceptional sailing grounds, but why not explore the quieter islands and discover your very own beaches and cays...

    We encourage you to dive right in and enjoy the snorkelling and scuba diving amongst a kaleidoscope of exotic marine life and coral reefs to jet-skiing out in the open waters, a Caribbean yacht charter ensures endless fun above and beneath the turquoise waves.

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The Caribbean has a tropical climate so you’ll find hot and sunny weather all year round. Read More

The Caribbean has a tropical climate so you’ll find hot and sunny weather all year round. The trade winds come into play most noticeably in summer as they provide a welcome break from the scorching summer sun.

Most islands have a rainy season, usually from May to October. You’ll get higher temperatures, humidity and more rain at this time. In the drier season from November to April the islands are slightly cooler, there’s lower humidity and less rain.

Winter is a great time to visit the Caribbean because temperatures are pleasant, with an average of around 26°C. Rainfall is also very minimal at this time of year, with most of the rain falling over the summer months.

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