When it comes to sights to see, Europe is almost overwhelming. Even the most seasoned travellers cannot help but be awestruck by Europe’s extraordinary history, natural beauty, and breathtaking cultural experiences - from art and design to landscapes and parks, and a lifestyle that just feels exciting, inspiring and relaxing.

Perhaps Europe’s most obvious draw is its staggering wealth of attractions. Its cities brim with cultural heritage - from the Napoleonic grandeur of Paris, to the vibrant history and multiculturalism of London, to the mesmerising architecture of Barcelona. Even though Europe is relatively densely populated, it’s a continent that boasts stunning natural beauty, with the rugged and magnificent Alps, the rolling hills of central Italy, and, of course, an entire coastline of idyllic Mediterranean beaches. And whether it’s city or country that draws you, you’re sure to find delectable cuisine and unforgettable nightlife (from cosy pints to world-class clubs) wherever you choose to go. 

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