Ecuador - gateway to the Galapagos but the mainland has jaw dropping scenery with snow capped volcanoes, hidden cloud forests, accessible Amazon lodges and a rich Andean and Spanish colonial history.

Ecuador's capital, Quito, has a UNESCO World Heritage protected quarter with the re-generation of the district showcasing beautifully restored baroque masterpieces into exquisite five star and exclusive boutique hotels.

The atmosphere is a vibrant mix of locals and visitors jostling for space along the steep cobble streets with views to the staggering volcanoes surrounding the city. Venture north to the highlands and pretty haciendas to enjoy genuine rural hospitality, farm to fork cuisine, gentle riding and biking through hidden valleys and returning to roaring fires in the cool night air at altitude.

The Amazon tributories are surprisingly accessible via a 30 minute flight from Quito airport. Board a motorised dug out canoe followed by the gentle rippling of a paddle to reach peaceful jungle lodges overlooking serene oxbow lakes. Excellent birding with private guides, exploring the waterways and nocturnal adventures.

A wonderfully immersive exploration of the Ecuadorian mainland can easily be made in a week with our Destination Specialists assisting on every aspect to make the most of your visit.

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Precipitation (Avg Days) 13 13 18 19 16 11 7 6 11 15 16 15 160

Straddling both sides of the equatorial line brings fair weather to Ecuador all year round. Read More

Straddling both sides of the equatorial line brings fair weather to Ecuador all year round. Expect spring like temperatures in the Andes (and Quito) with cool nights, afternoon rain showers and equally bright sun and cloud. The climate can be a tad unpredictable due to the altitude with sudden weather changes.
The cloud forest and jungle being at lower altitude is humid and wet with the mornings being clearer. Cloud bubbles up in the afternoon and it rains to keep the forest so vibrant and lush.

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