Corfu is generally considered the most charming of the Greek Ionian islands, lying at the northwest tip of the country & separated from mainland Europe by a narrow channel of sea. Its luxuriant vegetation, rocky bays, towering mountains & sandy beaches have made the island a popular destination in both summer & winter.

The island had a turbulent history. First settled by Christians from the eastern Byzantine church, it was to be the Venetians who stayed the longest for nearly 400 years. During this time the island suffered repeated attacks from the Ottomans but never fell to them, giving Corfu town a legendary status as a bulwark against the Muslim world. French occupation in the late 1790s was quickly replaced by British rule which in turn ceded to Greek unification in 1863.

This chequered history is reflected in much that one can find on the island, from the Venetian neoclassical buildings in the old town of Corfu, massive fortifications at the sea entrance of the city to repel the Ottomans, ancient monasteries atop high bluffs – even several cricket pitches where the genteel English game is still assiduously played!

Topographically the island offers huge variety – tall mountains from which you can see the European mainland descend into undulating land with quiet lakes and literally millions of olive trees (a local speciality) which in turn lead to quiet bays and long sandy beaches.

Because Corfu was one of the first Greek islands to develop mass tourism it has a reputation for having overpopulated resorts, but with the help of your Rocksure Host you will be able to avoid all of that and enjoy the beauty of this legendary isle in peace.

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Precipitation (Avg Days) 12 12 11 12 8 4 2 3 8 11 15 17 115

Corfu enjoys a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers and cooler, mild winters. Read More

Corfu enjoys a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate, with long, hot summers and cooler, mild winters. The months of May to August are incredibly warm and particularly dry whereas the cooler, wetter months are between November and March. Whether you want to enjoy warm, slightly rainy days or scorching highs of 31 degrees C, Corfu is a beautiful place to visit.

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