South & Central America

From the mist-shrouded cloud forests and wild beaches of Costa Rica to the cobalt blue glaciers of Patagonia, the Americas offer some of the most striking topography on earth, a unique range of wildlife and a sense of adventure like nowhere else.

South America’s pampas, rainforests, spectacular coastlines, arid deserts and snow-capped peaks give way to some of the world’s most vibrant and sophisticated cities. The excitement of Buenos Aires, the culinary secrets of Lima and the nostalgic charm of Montevideo. Hidden corners of the continent still reveal secret civilisations ripe for exploring. The Rocksure Club team specialise in Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina on the South American Continent and the Galapagos Islands 1,000 km west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.

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In the bottom third of the continent, from October – March it is the Austral Spring and Summer with hot to warm temperatures the further south one travels. Read More

In the bottom third of the continent, from October – March it is the Austral Spring and Summer with hot to warm temperatures the further south one travels. From April - September it can be considered Autumn/Winter with lower temperatures and less light filled days.

The middle section has a temperate to hot climate all year round but rain in parts of Peru, northern Argentina and Brazil between October - February.

The top third of the continent can be considered tropical with a hot and humid climate all year round. An exception for this is in the mountains (Ecuador and Colombia) where the higher altitude keeps spring like conditions all year.

Central America has a tropical climate all year round but cooler in the mountains. December - March is considered the dry season, although tropical rain can be expected at any time of year.

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Porteño Coffee and Culture tour (2hrs) - Buenos Aires Cafés and bookstores

From €73/person (+ local costs)
Buenos Aires

Experience this enchanting side of Buenos Aires with a scholar guide on a two hour relaxed walking tour. Be immersed in the authentically vintage and resplendent surroundings of the Ateneo Grand Splendid bookstore, not only to marvel at the opulent theatre of books (declared one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world by Brian Howard, Senior Writer at National Geographic) but to absorb the cultural significance of books for Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires). Porteños consider their book stores as sacred as their churches. A holy site of wooden shelves and paper that resembles a maze of thought. 

The Buenos Aires Cafés are as sacred as their bookstores and just as grand! Tones of Paris and Vienna are evident throughout the cafés of the traditional business neighbourhoods of the city. The opulent Café Tortoni has barely changed since 1858 and is a fascinating example of the wealth that grew from the European merchant pioneers. They have been left completely intact and a stop for coffee to delight in the service and atmosphere (not to mention wonderful coffee and pastries) will be a memorable moment in this wonderful city.

Hidden history - El Zanjon de Granados

From €12/person (+ local costs)
Buenos Aires

Located in San Telmo, the oldest district in Buenos Aires "El Zanjón” is internationally recognised as an archaeological calendar of the city.

Excavations of the mansion which dated back to 1830 led to the uncovering of the ancient Zanjón (ravine). The mansion was built for a wealthy family with six slaves in 1860 but by 1890 had been turned into a tenement. By 1985 it had been abandoned and walled off, with its ground floor four meters deep in debris. Now fully restored, elegant new steel and glass elevators transport visitors to and from the illuminated depths of the tunnels and ravines of El Zanjón. It is a magical space where poetry, history and myth coexist an important urban archaeology project and highly recommended.

We can arrange transfers and a recommendation for lunch around the visit.

An evening at the Opera

Buenos Aires

Begin your evening with a pre-concert dinner at Tomo Uno, a traditional and sophisticated restaurant with an exceptional menu.

Then continue for just a short walk to the Thetro Colón, where you have the opportunity to see an opera, ballet or concert, in the magnificent auditorium. 

It is considered one of the ten best opera houses in the world by National Geographic, and is acoustically considered to be amongst the five best concert venues in the world.

Performances usually commence at 8pm.

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