South & Central America

From the mist-shrouded cloud forests and wild beaches of Costa Rica to the cobalt blue glaciers of Patagonia, the Americas offer some of the most striking topography on earth, a unique range of wildlife and a sense of adventure like nowhere else.

South America’s pampas, rainforests, spectacular coastlines, arid deserts and snow-capped peaks give way to some of the world’s most vibrant and sophisticated cities. The excitement of Buenos Aires, the culinary secrets of Lima and the nostalgic charm of Montevideo. Hidden corners of the continent still reveal secret civilisations ripe for exploring. The Rocksure Club team specialise in Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile and Argentina on the South American Continent and the Galapagos Islands 1,000 km west of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Costa Rica


    Visit Costa Rica all year round but especially so between December and March. Perfect for winter sun and less rain in Central America.

    Discover eco-lodges tucked away in the rainforest or perched high above the Pacific Ocean. Chill in the laid back surf villages of the west coast or be pampered in premium brand beach resorts. In all, you will be accompanied by exotic birdsong, curious monkeys and incredibly friendly Ticos!

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  • Chile


    Explore the wilderness of Chile in the Austral summer from November to March. Enjoy fabulous wine in sunny vineyards; the beauty of the blue Pacific Ocean in sheltered fjords and desert adventures under clear skies. Stay in some of the most luxurious, fully inclusive lodges in South America.

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  • Argentina


    Head south to Argentina for winter sun. Bask in sunny vineyards below the high Andes; ride like a gaucho across the Pampas and savour the best steaks in captivating and cultural Buenos Aires.

    Stay in a wonderful selection of boutique wine lodges, estancias and luxurious city winery hotels.

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  • The Galapagos Islands


    The Galapagos Islands are a year round destination but their warmth and calmer waters straddling the equator are a particularly welcome escape from our northern hemisphere winters.

    A visit to the Galapagos Islands is an immersion in knowledge across the sciences which can be enjoyed whilst cruising in a deluxe small cruise ship, purpose built luxury adventure vessel or staying at a lodge on one of the islands and enjoying coastal day trips on modern comfortable smaller craft.

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  • Uruguay


    Miles of golden beaches, green and pleasant country vineyards and impressive UNESCO Heritage protected colonial sites. This is Uruguay! The hot spot for the planet’s movers and shakers come the southern summer but also a delight for slow paced, relaxed exploring enjoying a vintage way of life, accompanied by wonderful food, fresh air, exquisite wine and charming service.

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In the bottom third of the continent, from October – March it is the Austral Spring and Summer with hot to warm temperatures the further south one travels. Read More

In the bottom third of the continent, from October – March it is the Austral Spring and Summer with hot to warm temperatures the further south one travels. From April - September it can be considered Autumn/Winter with lower temperatures and less light filled days.

The middle section has a temperate to hot climate all year round but rain in parts of Peru, northern Argentina and Brazil between October - February.

The top third of the continent can be considered tropical with a hot and humid climate all year round. An exception for this is in the mountains (Ecuador and Colombia) where the higher altitude keeps spring like conditions all year.

Central America has a tropical climate all year round but cooler in the mountains. December - March is considered the dry season, although tropical rain can be expected at any time of year.

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