Iguazu Falls

One of the largest and most spectacular waterfalls on the planet, Iguazu falls many curtains and cascades of water are a force of nature.

A collection of 275 stunning falls extending close to 3 kilometres, with its tallest fall - known as Devil's Throat - at 82 metres high, 150 metres wide and 700 metres long, these falls are even higher than Niagara, which certainly puts things into perspective! 

The falls straggle Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay right on the boarders, and can be viewed from both the Argentinean and Brazilian national parks with stunning viewpoints set as close to the falls as possible. Surrounded by luscious green subtropical rainforests, full of endangered and rare flora and fauna, and home to a variety of wildlife, a jungle trail is the perfect opportunity to experience the nature surrounding the falls. 

However, you can also get rather close to the cascades at the bottom of the falls by taking a speed boat, to get a rather different viewpoint of the natural phenomena, as long as you don’t mind getting wet - not even waterproofs will keep you dry!

Regardless of your travelling history, Iguazu falls are, quite simply, one of the world's most inspiring and jaw-dropping experiences you can take, and absolutely must be seen by all.

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Temperature Avg
Precipitation Avg
Precipitation (Avg Days) 11 9 8 9 9 10 8 7 9 12 8 10 110

Iguazu Falls is perfect for exploring all year round. Read More

Iguazu Falls is perfect for exploring all year round. In any case you will usually get extremely wet from the spray! This is also a wonderful way to cool off!

A 3 day visit is always advised and hopefully you will get at least 1 sunny morning followed by cloud bubbling up, rain showers and humidity.

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