Portugal is a country that offers something for everyone. Whether you are a luxury traveller looking for a relaxing holiday, or a golfer keen to test your skills on some of the world's best courses, Portugal has it all. With its stunning coastline and relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, Portugal is the perfect destination for any holidaymaker.

Since the year 1279 when Portugal became its own kingdom separate from Spain, the country has had its fair share of rise and fall’s, but has more recently flourished. Birthing some impressive explorers such as Bartolome Dias who sailed around Africa, Vasco da Gama discovered the route to India, and Fernando Magellan who circumnavigated the world, Portugal’s history is deep and rich, and has shaped not just the country, but the friendly society Portugal hosts today.

The diversity of Portugal is rather vast, and no matter what may interest you, Portugal is sure to please. Mountainous scenery borders Spain, whilst the coast offers endless stretches of sandy dunes and dramatic cliff tops. Walled towns, old family run vineyards and ancient castles hint at the country’s history, and travellers can enjoy the array of local foods, traditional liquors, nightlife and surfing scene - not forgetting of course, the Algarve’s reputation as a Golf lover’s paradise!

Portugal is a country that has it all. From beaches and stunning scenery to charming cities, breath-taking natural beauty and delicious cuisine.  And if you're looking for luxury holiday accommodation in Portugal, we've got the perfect place right here – the amazing Villa Casa Alto Do Cerro

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Weather Overview

Portugal has a warm temperate moist forest climate and generally has wet winters and dry summers. Read More

Portugal has a warm temperate moist forest climate and generally has wet winters and dry summers. During summer months Portugal receives refreshing sea breezes, meaning the highs of 25 degrees C don't have to ruin your sightseeing.

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