World renowned for its white beaches, crystal clear waters and beautiful coral reefs, the list of reasons to visit the Philippines is not restricted to these unique set of natural attributes. Whether looking to discover volcanic treasures, relax on expansive pale sands or appreciate some of the world’s liveliest cities, the Philippines, and more importantly the Filipinos, will welcome you with a smile.

The opportunities for adventure are endless for visitors to the Philippines. Surrounded by majestic oceans, diving enthusiasts will delight in exploring the underwater offerings boasted by this magnificent corner of the world. Closer to the surface there is ample scope for water sports, such as jet skis, sailing and wake-boarding. On land, the tropical location of the Philippines makes for some interesting wildlife spotting opportunities. From the bug eyed tarsiers to the 600 different native bird species, nature lovers will certainly be happy.

Culturally, the Philippines is able to provide visitors with just as much satisfaction and intrigue. The colonial Spanish influence means that the food is a fusion of South East Asian herbs and flavours with a touch of western influence. Furthermore, with a host of museums, colonial architecture and rice fields, visitors are able to learn more about the lives of the Filipinos, both past and present.

From lazing on a beach, drinking cocktails, to exploring some of the busiest and most diverse cities in Asia, the Philippines has it all. In addition to this, the welcoming, outgoing and personable nature of the Filipinos makes any stay in this corner of Asia especially memorable.

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Precipitation Avg
Precipitation (Avg Days) 7 4 4 3 12 16 21 22 20 16 13 11 149

The best time to visit the Philippines is between November and April when there is the least chance of rain. Read More

The best time to visit the Philippines is between November and April when there is the least chance of rain. Temperatures and humidity are notably high during April and May so visitors that find hot weather uncomfortable are advised to travel slightly earlier in the dry season (November to February).
The wet weather commences in June generally speaking and from August through to October there is a good chance of a typhoon, so these months are best avoided although they can carry on as late as January. It is worth remembering that altitude variations throughout the Philippines of course will affect temperatures and weather patterns.

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