By nature of its varied geography and long history, Karnataka hosts an array of ancient sculptured temples, modern bustling cities, scenic hill ranges, lush forests and a picturesque coastline.

Visit Bangalore, the progressive city famous for its chaotic energy and restaurant scene. Or head out of the hustle-and-bustle to the evergreen rolling hills of Kodagu, dotted with spice and coffee plantations. Journey through Mysore and explore the exquisite Palace, an architectural marvel with its regal splendor emphasized by the grand interiors.

For the culturally-interested comes Madikeri, Coorg, the land of plantations, with its forts, tombs and temples giving insights to this states’ tumultuous history. For relaxation, visit one of many yoga centers, or the blissful, virtually untouched coastline around Gokarna, blessed with beautiful coves and little-visited sands. For the adventurous, the mountainous region of the Western Ghats is great for trekking and birdwatching, with the jungles teeming with monkey, tiger, wild buffalo and elephant.

Karnataka is, of course most famous for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hampi, an astonishing ancient village site of magnificent temple complexes, which enjoys phenomenal sunsets against the backdrop of the boulder-strewn ruins. Karnataka is a prosperous, compelling state with a fascinating culture and a gorgeous landscape. Recently launched flight routes have made this incredible place more accessible, meaning there is no excuse not to go.

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Karnataka experiences three seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. Read More

Karnataka experiences three seasons: summer, monsoon and winter. The summer season is from March until May and whilst temperatures are comfortably warm, they are not extreme.
From June to September the monsoon rains arrive and this brings the temperatures down. This season is great for viewing the region's stunning waterfalls but travellers should be warned that accessibility can become problematic.
The winter season (November to February) is widely considered the best time to visit Karnataka as the temperatures don't drop too far but access to the region's unique national parks becomes much easier.

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