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Roam the World with Rocksure Pounds

Inter-Portfolio Programme

As a Shareholder in any of the Rocksure Portfolios you will receive an annual entitlement of usage to your properties, this is provided in the allocation of Rocksure Pounds, which are yours to use as you wish to book properties in your own portfolio.

These Rocksure Pounds will also enable you to access all of the Rocksure-owned properties around the world through our Inter-Portfolio Programme.

Not only will Rocksure Pounds unlock the doors to the Rocksure-owned properties but they will also entitle you to access both Reciprocal properties and 3RDHOME properties on preferential terms.

Rocksure Pounds – are what we call our “points:” a “global currency” which enables you to access a wide range of luxury villas and apartments around the world.

Rocksure Pounds are allocated on an annual basis and any unused Rocksure Pounds may be rolled forward for 12 months.

Reciprocal Properties

We have made arrangements with one or two companies, similar to Rocksure, who also own a number of luxury villas and apartments around the world through their Shareholders or Members.

These arrangements allow Rocksure Shareholders to enjoy their properties and for their Members to enjoy Rocksure’s properties on a Reciprocal (and very strictly balanced) basis.

THIRDHOME Affiliation

Rocksure has recently become an Affiliate of THIRDHOME and the effect of this is to open the way for Investors in all of the Rocksure Funds to be able to access many hundreds of privately-owned homes of similar quality around the world, including resorts and private residence clubs such as Ritz Carlton and the Deer Valley Club.

THIRDHOME is a private membership club established 5 years ago in order to enable owners of 2nd homes to leverage their ownership by being able to swap some of their second home space with other owners and thus acquire a huge portfolio of 3rd homes.

It works for Investors in Rocksure Portfolios in exactly the same way.  You can now swap a week in one of your second (Rocksure) homes with a week at any THIRDHOME of a similar standard anywhere in the world, paying only a modest ‘exchange fee’ to THIRDHOME for the privilege.

We invite you to visit their website at in the first instance.

If you would like to obtain further details on the Inter-Portfolio Programme, Reciprocal Properties or indeed THIRDHOME, which greatly extend your choice of destinations and also the enjoyment of the Rocksure lifestyle, please contact us.

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