Rocksure Europe are Corporate Sponsors of the Zambezi Project in North-West Zambia which is operated by Orbis UK and dedicated to the reduction and eventual elimination of avoidable blindness.


A personal message from David Rogers, Co-founder and CEO of the Rocksure Group:

“I fell in love with sub-Saharan Africa when I spent two years there as a District Assistant before going up to Cambridge University.

Many years later, I read an article in a reputable magazine from which I learned that in sub-Saharan Africa,  80% of all blindness is avoidable. I was surprised and shocked by this. I had lived with these people and know just how impossible it is to be a burden on your village and community: being blind in the UK is bad enough but, in a world of subsistence agriculture and zero cash, it is dire.

I thought then – and I think now – that, if I could play a part in saving or restoring the sight of just ONE person, young or old, it would be the best thing that I have ever done in my whole life.

This led me to the long-established and well-respected charity, Orbis UK, which is deeply involved in saving and restoring sight throughout the world and training up local professionals so that the work can be continuously sustained and expanded. Together, we formed the “Zambezi Project” as a dedicated part of their work in Zambia but concentrating solely on the North-Western Province.

So, that is the background to Rocksure’s corporate sponsorship of Orbis UK’s Zambezi Project and I am pleased to say that we have succeeded in raising almost £30,000 during the past 2 years to October 2015.

Our goal is to increase this to £50,000 by the end of 2015 and this is being greatly helped by an agreement between the UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) and Orbis UK, under which, between 4th November 2015 and 3rd February 2016, all donation’s to Orbis’s sight-saving work in Zambia (including the Zambezi Project) will be DOUBLED. Not only will all UK donations be matched by the government, but donations will also be eligible for Gift Aid, so £1 immediately turns into £2.25, helping us to save the sight of even more children.

If you are attracted by the idea of giving this project your support, you will want to know that, as a registered UK charity, all tax benefits apply; as important, perhaps, Orbis has guaranteed that 90% of all money donated will go directly to the project without further deductions for administration or fundraising.”

If you wish to donate please visit the new JustGiving page

2014 – Main Achievements in reducing avoidable blindness in the North-Western Province of Zambia

Orbis estimates that there are approximately 140,000 people in Zambia who are suffering needlessly from preventable eye conditions. This is compounded by a chronic shortage of ophthalmologists and paediatric specialists.

Orbis have addressed both by establishing Zambia’s first Children’s Eye Care Centre at Kitwe in 2011 and extending its work throughout the Copperbelt Province.

But Kitwe is hundreds of miles from the rural communities of the North-Western Province – a difficult and expensive journey – and this is where the Zambezi Project comes in. A Vision Centre was established at the General Hospital at Solwezi, the provincial capital, which has quickly become able to offer a comprehensive eye care service; this includes more minor surgeries such as cataracts which account for 50% of avoidable blindness. Solwezi also provides comprehensive refractive error services including the making of spectacles.

So, the Zambezi Project is very much up and running and offering eye care services to the rural communities which never existed before; plans are being made to extend examinations and diagnoses to even more rural areas through subsidiary Vision Centres.

If you wish to donate please visit the new JustGiving page

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