The Smart Way to Own a Second Home

Apartments (Capital and Liberty Portfolios)

Some lifestyle benefits

  • Great locations in a variety of cultures, climate zones and activities
  • No need to return to the same place every year
  • Daily maid service at every apartment
  • Benefit from a personal Rocksure Concierge
  • Share with family and friends
  • A booking system which ensures fair usage

Low-cost holidays for years to come

  • Benefit from costs less than half those of hotel stays every year
  • You can use some of your annual entitlements to stay at reciprocal properties, too.

The World’s Greatest Cities (Manhattan & London Portfolios)

A unique formula for ownership and enjoyment

  • Many people are opting for the great value Half Units which cost only $167,500 (Manhattan) or £100,000 (London) at the present Founders’ prices which allow an average use of approx. 10-nights each year.
  • If you want more use, buy a Three-Quarter or Full Unit: obviously, the greater the investment, the greater the potential gain.
  • If you cannot use all your nights one year, give them to friends and family or business clients or roll them forward until the next year.
  • Or, if you don’t plan to visit London or Manhattan at all one year, not a problem: you can use your entitlements to stay at any other Rocksure-owned or reciprocal property while, hopefully, your capital investment is gaining in value while you are away.

Two rooms for the price of one

These are two of the world’s most expensive cities so annual costs must be considered.

The annual cost for a 2-bedroom ‘presidential suite’ is less than the cost of one ordinary bedroom in a 5 star hotel. It is therefore a great value for one couple (bedroom plus large living room, kitchen, home office) and a stunning value for two couples or for those with children staying. It is also much the best and safest way to accommodate young children.

Brilliant for Companies

These two Portfolios provide a brilliant way for Companies to own an apartment to accommodate clients or prospects or others for business development purposes.

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