Shanghai Skyline, China

Orient Apartment Portfolio

The Orient Portfolio will offer spacious, luxurious and well-located apartments, with daily maid service and a Concierge in support, in six amazing cities, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai and Tokyo - which will provide extraordinary travel experiences and good opportunities for capital appreciation.

If, in addition to having wonderful visits to all these cities, you might also like to gather your family together each year and enjoy a holiday at a beautiful villas, then consider investing partly in the Orient Apartment Portfolio and partly in the Pacific Villa Portfolio.

The whole idea behind Rocksure is to offer global flexibility so you could, for example, invest partly in Asia Pacific and partly in the Manhattan or Liberty Portfolios in the United States; or, you could choose the thrill of ownership of apartments in London, Paris and Venice, for example, or beautiful villas with pools in such lovely places as Turkey, Provence and Antigua, each with its own Housekeeper/Cook.

You will be spoiled for choice, but why not start now by registering your interest in an Asia Pacific Portfolio and making a small investment in the European Capital Portfolio?

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