Tower Bridge and City Skyline, London, England

London Portfolio

The Rocksure London Portfolio offers a new and exciting opportunity to invest a relatively small amount in prime central London residential property and to be able to enjoy your choice of your apartments for a number of nights each year, depending on the level of investment.

You will have equity co-ownership of four splendid centrally-located apartments which you can enjoy, supported by a daily maid service and access to a Concierge Service, and allowing an average of 9 nights’ usage each year for ten years for Half Unit Interests.

The areas of the city in which the London Fund is expecting to purchase the four apartments – Kensington, Chelsea, Westminster and Covent Garden – still have some village flavours and it is these that are likely to make your ownership of homes in the city so very rewarding over the years to come.

They will, indeed, become homes away from home and you will surely be welcomed back by restaurants, shops and other residents as members of the community.

If you invest in both the Manhattan and London Portfolios, you may be able to choose where to spend your time each year in any of your properties on both sides of the Atlantic. And, in due course, you may be able to do the same with Rocksure Asia-Pacific’s Orient Apartment Portfolio.

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