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Rocksure North America

Rocksure heads for the Land of the Free with the opening of an office in New York and the offer of two unique programmes, both very much in the Rocksure style.

The Rocksure Manhattan Portfolio is as close as possible to being a mirror-image of the Rocksure London Portfolio, ‘though these collections are entirely separate from each other. Equity ownership of four splendid centrally-located apartments which you can use, professionally managed and with access to a Concierge Service. The minimum investment is a Half Unit/Interest at a cost of $175,000.

The Liberty Apartment Portfolio has strong similarities to Rocksure Europe’s Capital Portfolio. Just as the Capital Portfolio showcases the historic cities of Europe with equity ownership of spacious and beautiful apartments in such mouth-watering cities as Paris, Prague, Vienna and Rome, so the Liberty Portfolio will offer equity ownership of six splendid apartments in San Francisco, New York, Santa Monica (for Los Angeles, Hollywood and Beverly Hills), Washington DC, Miami and Chicago, all of which you will co-own and can enjoy.

Two other things: if you invest in both the Manhattan and London Portfolios, or in the Capital and Liberty Portfolios, you can choose where to spend your time each year in any of your properties on both sides of the Atlantic. And, soon, you should be able to do the same with Rocksure Asia-Pacific’s Portfolios. Those subscribing for the first 10 Full Units in either of the new North American portfolios will be designated as Founders and will receive a US$15,000 discount per Full Unit on the subscription price.

Liberty Apartment Fund
Liberty Apartment Fund
Manhattan Fund
Manhattan Apartment Fund

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