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Manhattan Portfolio

Everyone is aware that residential real estate in the prime areas of these two great cities is highly-prized and many believe that it is a good way to invest for future capital gain. The trouble is that apartments which are likely to appeal to Accredited Investors cost several million dollars each and, if you rent it out to obtain a return, you are likely to lose the use of it.

Rocksure has come up with a solution to the problem by making it possible for you to invest some hundreds of thousands of dollars instead of millions in a portfolio of four 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments and enabling you to enjoy the use of your apartments, too. We believe this to be a unique opportunity and there are only a limited number of investment Units available.

The four apartments, expected to average approximately 1500 sq.ft (140 sq.m), will in different areas of the city (provisionally Mid-Town, Upper East Side, Tribeca and Lower Manhattan), and you will be able to reserve your choice of them for 3-night weekends, a 4-night mid-week stay or, of course, a week or more. Daily maid service will be provided and there will be a Concierge Service in support.

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