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Rocksure Europe

Rocksure Europe now offers three very different portfolios: the Crystal Villa Portfolio, the Capital Apartment Portfolio, and the brand new and very exciting London Portfolio.

The Rocksure Concept was first established as a Villa Portfolio where the logic of having co-ownership and enjoyment of six properties for a fraction of the cost of just one, along with fair and reasonable annual dues and no time commitment or hassle during ownership, was very well received.

The first and second Villa Portfolios – Alpha and Bravo – were successfully closed and now the Crystal Portfolio is open for new Investors. First Closing has taken place and the Portfolio has purchased its first two properties, in Andalucia (Spain) and Antigua.

The Capital Apartment Portfolio has already purchased spacious and beautiful apartments in Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna and Venice, the next in line is intended to be in Rome.  Investors can also enjoy a lovely  apartment near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Chelsea in New York, a centrally located apartment in London and an apartment in San Francisco.

The London Portfolio offers Investors from all over the world a unique opportunity not only to co-own four 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments in the centre of the city at astonishingly low minimum price but also to be able to enjoy the use of them for a number of nights each year depending on the level of investment.

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