Gondolas in Venice, Italy

Capital Portfolio

The Capital Portfolio features a portfolio of six spacious (minimum 1500 sq.ft./140 sq.m.) luxuriously furnished, centrally-located 2-bedroom/2-bathroom apartments and town houses in 6 of the most attractive and interesting cities in Europe.

The Capital Portfolio has already purchased a good part of the collection of its’ apartments including Paris, Barcelona, Prague, Vienna and Venice and the next one in line is intended to be in Rome.

There is something very special about owning and staying in a beautiful and spacious apartment in one of Europe’s historic cities.

It is not just the wonderful amount of space, the luxurious furnishings and equipment, and the great location; it is the feeling of belonging – belonging to the city and the community and being a part of it all.

It is also the feeling that, while away, you are nevertheless at home. There is a fully-equipped kitchen so you can have the fun of shopping and cooking one evening, as well as visiting all the restaurants; or, after a busy day of sightseeing, you can help yourself to a drink, kick your shoes off and relax in front of a movie if you wish.

And all the while, it is to be hoped that all your great apartments are increasing in value.


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