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Rocksure is set to launch the brand into Asia Pacific next year together with joint-venture partner and like-minded entrepreneur and property developer, Simon Harvey.

Together, we are going to establish Rocksure in this huge territory stretching from Tokyo to Tasmania and from the Maldive Islands to Mt. Cook in New Zealand, operating from offices in Singapore and Sydney.

Rocksure Asia Pacific will be launching two individual Portfolios: the Pacific Villa Portfolio offering glorious, fully-staffed villas from Queenstown in New Zealand to Bali to Vietnam, and an Orient Apartment Portfolio with properties in such exciting centres as Bangkok, Sydney and Shanghai.

All of the traditional Rocksure features will be present: Housekeeper/Cooks at every Villa, plus attractive gardens and private swimming pools; spacious, luxurious and centrally-located apartments, with daily maid service and a Concierge in support; and familiar operational features such as Rocksure Pounds.

Most important of all to many people, will be Rocksure’s Inter-Portfolio Programme. This enables, for example, an Investor in the Orient Portfolio to enjoy all of the apartments offered by Rocksure North America, in cities such as San Francisco and New York and Miami, and in the historic cities offered by Rocksure Europe’s Capital Portfolio such as London, Paris and Rome.

If you believe that the tiger economies of Asia are the future, this may be the chance to make a small real estate investment and to be able to enjoy all your properties, too.

Learn more as the Programme develops by registering now on contact us.

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Orient Apartment Fund
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