We wanted to have great holidays in lovely locations and in beautiful villas where we could take the extended family. But renting a villa is expensive every year, and buying your own place ties you to one location and involves having to worry about the bills and upkeep. It just made sense; I could invest in a standalone fund that should return my investment, hopefully with interest as the price of the properties increased, and enjoy ‘free’ holiday accommodation.

JQ – Bravo Shareholder

The pictures on your web site, beautiful as they are; do not do your properties justice

SF – Capital Shareholder

It was an extremely pleasurable experience and I will certainly be recommending it to our friends.

WH – Capital Shareholder

I can’t think of anything that would aid the setup you already have in place.

MW – Bravo Shareholder

I love the Rocksure concept; it has all the benefits of ownership without the hassle.

JC – Bravo Shareholder

We’re gradually working our way round the properties……… and enjoying them greatly

JC – Bravo & Capital Shareholder

From an investment point of view we were looking to buy a property abroad and that’s when we heard about Rocksure – that was the answer!! It was a relatively small investment; we have six properties around the work which aren’t affected by one economy making it a risk free decision.

TW – Bravo Shareholder

The reason I invested in the Capital Fund was exactly that, even if you have visited a place before, they are destinations that you can visit many, many times again, and this year I am introducing some of these cities to my children.

JC – Capital Shareholder

If all the experiences we have with Rocksure are as good as this one we will be very contented shareholders.

ML – Capital Shareholder

By spreading the portfolio internationally they have reduced the currency risk and have bought, it seems to me, at pretty good prices in the right locations.

AH – Alpha Shareholder

Rocksure has enabled me to put a “toe in” to international real estate investment.

GH – Crystal Shareholder

What most of us crave, if we’re honest, are big luxuries: beautiful homes in different parts of the world.

AN – Alpha Shareholder

Rocksure provides the opportunity to experience places that I wouldn’t normally have visited.

AB – Bravo & Capital Shareholder

It’s the easiest way to live the life of a multi-millionaire for less.

KA – Capital Shareholder

I think the locations that the properties are in have a very good chance of showing a healthy return seven years down the line

NG – Alpha Shareholder

I can’t believe more people in the UK aren’t aware of the Rocksure concept as it’s been in the US for a dozen years or so where people are much more familiar with it.

MG – Crystal Shareholder

It’s a great way of investing overseas, with risk spread over a number of different destinations.

LP – Crystal Shareholder

I decided to invest in Rocksure as I had recently made some money and I wanted to have fun.

HT – Crystal Shareholder

We had always dreamed of owning a second home abroad but were put off by the responsibility and stress of buying, renovating, maintaining and staffing a holiday. Thank-you Rocksure for giving us another option.

FG – Bravo Shareholder

I never take every week myself so it’s a pleasure for me to give away part of my entitlements to friends, family and even at charity auctions.

JA – Alpha Shareholder

It’s just like owning a portfolio of second homes but without any of the hassle.

SK – Alpha Fund

I joined because I liked the concept of having someone else worry about maintenance.

AH – Bravo Fund
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