Shared equity versus Timeshare

There is no universally agreed name to describe Rocksure’s proven concept

In the United States the term Equity Destination Club is often used to describe our offering, whereas in Europe we are sometimes described as a Fractional Ownership operator. Neither term is technically correct as we are not a Club in the true sense of the word and Fractional Ownership tends to refer to sharing of a single asset. However, the one thing we are not is a Timeshare operation.

With a timeshare, the investor is generally limited to one property, usually within a resort condominium, at the same time each year.

If they want to stay elsewhere they have to trade or exchange their week, which is often time-consuming and difficult. Timeshares are usually for a fixed term and provide the investor with little opportunity to benefit from any growth in property values. They are typically one to two bedroom units, priced two or three times higher than the actual value of the property, with little to no personal concierge support.

In contrast Rocksure investors:

  • Can choose from any of the 5* properties within their Fund and in the case of the villa funds a cook/housekeeper is included within the annual maintenance costs. A concierge and daily maid service is included within the apartment funds;
  • Can schedule their holiday dates to suit their needs;
  • Can use any of the other properties owned by either another Rocksure Fund or Partner Properties using part of their annual usage entitlements;
  • Do have a planned exit route at the end of their Funds fixed term; usually between 7 and 10 years. When each Fund matures, all properties belonging to the Fund are sold and the proceeds, including capital growth, are returned to the shareholders.

How they compare

Timeshare Property

The Pitfalls

  • Restricted to the same property or resort
  • Mid-range properties
  • Restricted to the same week(s) per annum
  • Limited (if any) opportunity for capital growth
  • Often very difficult to sell
  • No personal concierge support staff

Rocksure Funds

The Benefits

  • Shared ownership of a portfolio of properties
  • High-end luxurious properties
  • Holiday schedules to suit you
  • Opportunity to benefit from capital growth
  • Planned exit route
  • Concierge / cook / housekeeper support

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