Frequently asked questions


How do you choose the property locations?

A: The most important consideration in choosing a location is its likelihood of capital growth over the life of the investment. Thereafter, the criteria used by the advisors to decide the location of the properties slightly varies between the Villa and City Apartment Portfolios.

What happens if I don’t like one of the cities or countries?

A: There is no requirement to visit every property during the lifetime of a Portfolio. Some Shareholders tend to keep going back to the same few places time after time, whereas others might actively try to use all the properties and view their investment as an excuse to see places that they’d otherwise not have considered visiting.

Can we use properties within the other Portfolios?

A: Yes, under the terms of our Inter-Portfolio programme a Shareholder in any Portfolio can access other Rocksure owned properties within the Rocksure Group.

Do you rent out the properties when they are not being used by shareholders?

A: Shareholder bookings always take priority, however to help cover the costs of staffing, utilities, local taxes and maintenance, each property is rented for a small number of weeks per year to non-shareholders. This system has proved very popular with past Shareholders as it enables us to keep annual maintenance and management charges significantly lower than any of our competitors.


How do I book my weeks?

A: Rocksure manages a private Shareholder booking website which allows Investors to reserve their weeks/nights and check the availability at each of the properties at any time of the day or night.  We also have a dedicated Shareholders’ Account Manager in each region who is available during normal office hours to assist with all bookings and answer Shareholder’s questions.

How many weeks can I use the properties?

A: This varies between the Portfolios and how much investment you wish to take within each Portfolio.

Each Shareholder will be allocated an annual number of Rocksure Pounds (aka points) – these unlock the Rocksure World to you by allowing you to ‘purchase’ the dates at the properties you wish to visit and are all managed through the online Shareholder Booking website.

How early can I book my weeks?

A: Shareholders can request their weeks up to one year in advance.

What happens if the week I want is not available?

A: Rocksure has designed a sophisticated automated online booking system to ensure fairness between all Shareholders. We operate a transparent priority booking system for peak periods so that over the life of the investment all Shareholders will have equal chance to secure the prime dates across their properties.

What happens if I don’t use all my annual usage entitlement one year?

A: Your unused Rocksure Pounds can be rolled forward to the following year and can be used for low and mid-season bookings in the Villa Portfolios or mid week stays in the Apartment Portfolios.

What happens if I don’t have enough “Rocksure Pounds” for my selected week(s)?

A: Further “Rocksure Pounds” can be purchased on a GBP £1 = 1 Rocksure Pound basis and the revenue goes directly into the Portfolio.

Can I give a week to friends or family?

A: Yes, there are no restrictions on who you give your week(s) to so long as there is someone over 25 in the party. You do, however, retain the responsibility for any damage caused to the property during the period that your friends or family are in residence.

Can I make last minute bookings if the properties are not being used by other shareholders?

A: Yes, the terms and costs vary between Portfolios. Please refer to the Portfolio specific information at the bottom of the page.


Are there any annual management and maintenance charges?

A: Each Portfolio has to charge an Annual Management and Maintenance Contribution (AMMC). Rental income is used to offset a percentage of the costs, hence why our charges are the lowest in the sector.

Are AMMC’s likely to increase?

A: These may increase slightly by year depending upon the level of rental income, exchange rate fluctuations and increases in the cost of living.

What service levels are included?

A: In all apartments there is a Concierge who will meet and greet you, and be avilable during your stay as well as a maid service.  The villas benefit from a full time Housekeeper / Cook, and maid service which is provided 6 days a week as well as a Swimming pool person and gardener as required.   Services such as a driver, babysitting, private chef are all available at a additional cost.


How can I get more details?

A: By registering your interest using the form on our Contact Us page or telephoning the office.

Why should I request more information?

A: There is a lot more detailed information on the Portfolios which cannot be found on the website.  We would be very happy to send you an information pack, should you wish.  Requesting more information does not constitute any commitment from you to invest.


What is The Rocksure Group?

A: The Rocksure Group is the collective name for the three regional Rocksure operations, each of which manages its own regional Portfolios, Rocksure Europe, based in Burford, UK, Rocksure North America, based in New York, USA and Rocksure Asia Pacific which will be based in Sydney and Singapore.

Who owns the properties within each Portfolio?

A: The properties are owned by the individual Portfolios. The shareholdings within each Portfolio are owned by the Shareholders who own 100% of the real estate between them.

Can I invest in more than one Portfolio?

A: Yes, this holds added benefits by being able to ‘pool’ your annual usage between the Portfolios.

What is the difference between Rocksure and Timeshare?

A: Please follow this link to find out about the differences

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